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Lucas 2

Lucas 2 is an advanced emergency chest compression device used for cardiac arrest. It is designed to automatically deliver uninterrupted chest compressions from a first response in the field, through ambulance transport to a hospital setting, according to the manufacturer, Physio-Control, Inc., of Redmond, WA. By providing chest compressions, the device can also free up emergency personal to perform other life-saving treatments.

Osceola Community Health Foundation, through a donation from Horst Rechelbacher of Osceola, donated three of the devices to OMC and St. Croix Valley EMS. In fall 2010, the foundation donated one to Osceola Area Ambulance Service.

“The Lucas 2 is a unique piece of equipment not only in what it can do to help people in emergency situations, but also because of their relative rarity in rural areas,” according to Sue Gerlach, director of the foundation.

“The devices are relatively new and rather expensive. Most communities cannot afford them, yet through the help of Horst and OCHF, we are able to provide four into the St. Croix Valley area,” she said.